Weather was a factor today. We had planned a couple of stops in Oklahoma on the way to Amarillo but had to forego them. Instead, we drove 4 hours straight to Amarillo, TX.

The rain had ended by the time we arrived but it was 45 and very windy so being outside wasn’t pleasant. We decided to go to the RV Museum, which had vintage RVs, motorcycles, bikes, race cars and other road related memorabilia! Check it out!

We were considering the Big Texan Steak Ranch for lunch but the gentleman at the RV Museum suggested another place to eat, before going there. We took his advice, then after our late lunch, we went to the Big Texan Steakhouse. It’s definitely an attraction all on it’s own which may explain the bill boards we saw for 100 miles or more.

Tomorrow, we are exploring Palo Duro Canyon State Park, the second largest canyon system in the United States, then heading to Mexico. Stay tuned for pictures of the canyon! It looks amazing and it will be much warmer tomorrow!

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Karen is a retired software developer, now exploring our beautiful country with her husband, Steve.

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