After 4 hours on the road, we arrived in Oklahoma City and spent the rest of the afternoon exploring several locations in Oklahoma City.

The Will Rogers Garden is located within one of Oklahoma City’s oldest parks. The gardens and many of the other features were designed and created almost 100 years ago. This was quite a nice park in the middle of a city. There was an Arboretum with dozens of different trees, as well.

The Myriad Botanical Garden is another park near a very nice downtown area. As far a city parks go, this was one of the nicest ones I’ve seen.

The Oklahoma Land Run Monument features 45 bronze sculptures and commemorates the opening of the Oklahoma Territory in the “Land Run” of the Unassigned Territories, where pioneers were rushing to claim land for their homesteads. This monument is one of the world’s largest bronze sculptures.

The Oklahoma Railway Museum was a quirky find from a booklet about Historic Route 66. You can explore this museum for free and a couple of times a month they even offer train rides. There is one room of railroad memorabilia, and you can also walk among the railway cars and go in some of them. The caboose has an interesting history. Apparently, this was the quarters for the men working the train, with a desk, beds, a heat source, and even a toilet (well, you have to have that somewhere, I guess!)

Next stop, Amarillo!

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