We spent two days in the Santa Fe, New Mexico region and really picked up the pace of our explorations!

On the way, we stopped at the Pecos National Historic Park where we learned about the history of the Pecos Indians in the region. This site was particularly attractive to Spanish explorers in the 16th century, who tried to settle in the area as well. The site is a mixture of both Pecos dwellings, and those of the Spaniards. The structure below on the left is the ruins of a Spanish church and the other two pictures are ruins of an Indian kiva, used for ceremonial purposes.

We chose to head up to Los Alamos for the afternoon. On the way up, we saw spectacular views at the Anderson Overlook.

We also hiked the Kwage Mesa Trail, a 4.3 mile hike to an overlook. Fortunately it was a level hike because we were trying to acclimate the 7300′ elevation. The view on the left shows the Los Alamos National Laboratory which employs 10,000 people in the region.

The nuclear bomb was developed in Los Alamos during World War II, in a top secret effort known as the Manhattan Project. The town of Los Alamos was built for the scientists involved and there is a visitor center and walking trail where you learn more about the Manhattan Project National Historical Park.

At the end of our first day, we spent a short time in Santa Fe Plaza and Downtown before checking in at our hotel.

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Karen is a retired software developer, now exploring our beautiful country with her husband, Steve.

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